Scope of Services

Your financial legacy has many components. At kalibr, we look at your plan holistically and aspire to align the variable elements. By offering a wide range of services and providing a single point of contact for your professional advisor team, we empower your legacy.

Asset Protection

Proper asset protection is meant to help ensure your hard earned capital and income are being preserved. This arrangement needs to happen prior to trust and estate planning.


We take the time to get to know your personality, history and resources. In doing so, we are able to establish a disciplined investment strategy that suits your needs while mitigating risk, expenses and taxes.

Risk Management and Insurance

Protecting yourself and your business from unforseen vulnerability is an integral piece to your overall plan. We execute this in full scope of your plan with cost and coverages in mind.

Estate Planning

Proper estate planning is more than planning for the future; it is how you leave your legacy. We coordinate with your other estate advisors to employ the right strategies keeping your life's work in the right hands.

Practice Management

Each speciality has its own nuances and it is important to work with someone who understands your profession when executing a business plan.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning does not look the same for everyone. We leverage taxable, tax deferred and tax advantage strategies designed to help you reach your specific financial destination.

Tax Reduction

We work with your accounting team to implement unique financial strategies that may help reduce your tax burden.

Employee Benefits

The cost associated with employee retention is significant. A practice can thrive with dependable and knowledgable employees. We can provide you the products and services necessary to make your practice competitive in attracting new employees while also fostering loyalty among current employees.